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All of the online Casinos listed above meet certain criteria, which I will discuss in more detail in the following sections. Because, if these criteria are met, then you play legal in the Online Casinos. In addition, players from Schleswig-Holstein learn what to consider for them, since the extension of the previously expired licenses. A valid gambling license is indispensable and is considered a basic requirement for the best Australian online Casinos.

Current legal situation for Online Casinos in Australia

Officially, playing in online Casinos in Australia is prohibited. The only exception is Schleswig-Holstein, where you can legally play online Casino Games. But it can be doubted whether the current laws are compatible with law freedom to provide services. For this reason, the federal states have made a start for a new gambling law. But they could not agree on a common line. The decision was postponed, as usual in politics. For this reason, a gray area has emerged in which casino online with huge variety of payment options with license is tolerated. This state of affairs will remain until the new law is passed. This is expected to be the case in 2021.

The Online Casinos Special Case

Already at the previous attempt for a gambling law, the federal state has taken a special route and has created its own regulation in order to be able to issue official online casino licenses. These expired at the end of 2018. After there was no agreement on a nationwide law, the state government then extended it

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until 2021, the date on which hopefully the hanging has an end and we will finally have a Australia-wide and player-friendly law. Until then you can play with these service providers are completely legal. Two examples of LeoVegas and push luck.

Future of gambling in Australia

As already mentioned a few times, there is a lack of a modern and compliant gambling law in Australia. The reason for this has a lot to do with politics. The state lottery companies and casinos want to keep their monopoly and fight against competition by all means. To this end, addiction prevention is very often thrown into the field. This should conceal the fact that the state providers earn good money. The payout rates at lottery companies and casinos are far lower than in online Casinos. So it will remain exciting how the situation develops. The Netherlands recently passed a player-friendly law. A new law also exists in Switzerland, but it is designed in such a way that the local casinos in particular benefit.

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experience creating 360 photography, specialising in the property, hospitality and commercial markets.

Put simply, it is just like being there…


Virtual Tours

With the vast majority of sales and marketing activity now driven via mobile browsing, Virtual Tours are a high quality, low-cost and proven method of generating new interest and new revenue from entirely new

and regular clients. By allowing a potential client to see the product or facilities on offer, they can make an informed choice of whether or not they want to visit or to proceed with a purchase.

3D tours

The latest Matterport 3-D virtual tour technology gives the viewer a genuine ‘just like being there’  experience that commercial photography alone cannot match. A high resolution, quality Matterport Virtual Tour, combines easy to navigate 360 degree (use degree symbol!!) photography, 3-D location modeling and bespoke dynamic tags to produce the most interactive 3-D virtual tour in today’s market. Delivering automated walkthrough’s, a 3-D Dollhouse model and the most up-to-date virtual reality technology will help your property or facility really stand out from the competition. It can also be linked to Google Street View to fully embrace the power of the web.


Photography today still provides THE most popular way of showcasing a property, location or venue. With 10 years experience in providing photography services to many of the country’s largest house builders, View360 Ltd continue to strive to produce the most dynamic and striking of images, helping our clients products and services stand out from the rest.

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